Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You'll Find it's Fine to be Alone.

 This short and sweet post goes out to all you lonely hearts out there.

And lonely feet... and lonely... ears?

 I don't want to discriminate, but mostly this is for hearts.

Maybe this is just me, but for most of my life I've had insecurities about being alone.  Although I've gotten more comfortable with spending time with myself in recent years (an automatic side affect of living alone) I still can't help but feel anxious at the thought of asking for table for one, or making a lone visit to the movie theatre; I start to wonder to myself, don't I have friends?

This cheerful little film snippet offers a new way of looking at being a single wanderer.  A collaboration between filmmaker Andrea Dorfman and songwriter Tanya Davis, It advertises loneliness not as a hardship but as a gift.  After watching it numerous times, I've decided I need to start making plans to take myself out for some alone time, pity-party free. I think maybe we could all use some time with ourselves, don't you?

I hope this quirky clip brings a smile to your face on this gloomy winter's day.

Between Shoe and I


  1. You may need time with yourself, but you will never be alone. Not while I'm around :)

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