Monday, March 28, 2011

Quasi Quebecois?

I've fallen victim to sporadic posting lately as a result of my insane schedule; now juggling school, work, my internship at WORN and working as managing editor at a new print magazine launching next month (more info coming soon!), I've gotten in a little bit over my head to say the least.  

Enough with excuses: Please forgive me for this extremely outdated long-lost Montreal post and stay tuned for my coverage this week of Toronto's LG Fashion Week!

Although I spent most of my time in Montreal with locals embarrassing myself trying to speak French, there were moments when Erika and I branched off and got a little bit too touristy.  The result was an unreasonable number of desserts, gigantic platters of poutine, fresh bagels and a ride on a terrifying ice slide where we were surrounded by giddy children.  

Although I did feel a bit stereotypical eating a maple syrup snow-pop and strolling the streets of Old Montreal with a camera around my neck, I made some of my favorite memories seeing Montreal tourist style... minus the smoked meat. 

Between Shoe and I

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