Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Living at Le Cagibi

So Montreal is amazing. Erika and I absolutely adored every second we spent there and are now attempting to learn French so we can move there after school and actually be able to get jobs. Although we had lots of favorite spots (which will be blogged about, don't fret), it seemed to make the most sense to start with Le Cagibi.

Nearly every morning this quaint little hideaway provided me with the best (and biggest) soy lattes I've ever had, with a side of gorgeous mismatched vintage furniture and the scent of delicious vegetarian food in the air.

The music they played varied from indie folk to oldies, but everything I heard there was wonderful, and if I'd had more time I would've made sure to attend one of their late night shows in the back room. The walls were lined with knick-knacks, plants, and local art. The decaying wooden floorboards creaked with the weight of each footstep.

Le Cagibi became a place I could rely on for warmth from the cold, long interrupted conversations, and friendly strangers. It was my maison away from home... wherever home is these days.

More Montreal to come!
Between Shoe and I


  1. You are so lovely!

  2. omg! haha ian and i are totally starting to take french classes so we can get jobs in montreal.
    c'est magnifique, mon amour