Wednesday, March 30, 2011

LG Fashion Week Round 2

I spent the entirety of yesterday camped out with my camera at LG fashion week, and although I had low expectations to start with, I was really blown away by most of what I saw.

What I Wore

Black wool cocoon Jacket: Wilfred, sheer chiffon shirt: American Apparel, wool pants and belt: vintage, socks: Topshop, platform clogs: Forever 21, backpack: Cooperative.  Accessorized with messy beehive-inspired hair. 

What I saw: Well dressed lovely people

 I'd just like to clarify this last one is not from the back because the front of the outfit wasn't awesome, but because the back was so good. She makes these nifty body-strap-jewelry-things herself! 

What I saw: The Shows

*Disclaimer* I could lie and say my blurry pictures were an "artistic decision", but I prefer to be honest. In truth, they were the result of my very poor blogger press seats and my lack of photographic finesse.  Don't judge. 

Denis Gagnon

Although I'd already seen some of the pieces from this collection on the rack, watching them move on actual bodies felt completely different.  When presented together the line looked a little too mish-mashed for my taste, lacking any cohesion or common theme.  It ranged from gothic all black ensembles with texture and layering (Which I liked) to neon 90's raver kid looks with hot pink tights (Which I really didn't like).  The whole thing was very confusing and well... pink.  Although it was creatively impressive, I didn't feel the need to wear any of the garments Gagnon created for this coming Fall; On the upside, he opened with the Twin Peaks theme song, which earned major brownie points. 

Chloe Comme Parris

What can I say?  I LOVED THIS.  I loved it so much I was actually convinced I had somehow ended up at a runway show in New York... well, that may be a bit too far.  Needless to say, it was an incredibly well designed Fall collection.  Models were almost completely in black or grey with greasy, loosely tied-back hair and chunky platform booties.  Highlights included velvet drop-crotch pants, hip revealing dresses, and what I like to call the punk interpretation of a beauty queen sash: a metal necklace worn cross-body with shards of metal and glass dangling off of it. Arrow tip hardware and massive cutouts were also themes, giving off a rebel girl vibe that slightly resembled the past collections of the king of city-chic, Alexander Wang. In short: stylish lady motorcycle warriors of the night? Upbeat rock tunes blasted in the distance as a pair of words drifted into my head and took over: I WANT. 

Good right?  But wait!

Stop. What was that?  THAT, was the deal sealer: a scrumptious grey leather backpack so heavy with buckles and hardware hanging off it that one couldn't actually carry anything else in it without insane back pain. So. fantastic.

Stay tuned for Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh, and lots of other fun stuff from my fashion week adventures!

Between Shoe and I

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

LG Fashion Week Round 1

And so it begins; Toronto's slightly pathetic excuse for a fashion week. Later today I'll be reporting from  Denis Gagnon, Pink Tartan, Joe Fresh, Chloe Comme Parris, and BUSTLE. In the meantime, here's a sneak peak of what Denis Gagnon will be showing on the runway today from his trunk show with Dandi Maestre last weekend.  

The collection was a wonderful array of textures ranging from fur to mesh to leather. Exposed zippers and smartly placed toggles created a more detailed approach to the minimal, structural pieces. The most appealing feature of the collection was the heavy fleece lining in most of the jackets and vests; the result was beautifully crafted clothing conducive to the climate of Canada, something seldom considered by international designers. Dandi Maestre's chunky necklaces, complete with wood, antler and horn accents, added an extra textural layer to the looks, complimenting the collection perfectly.

What I Wore

Vest and sheer black button up: Vintage, Graphic long-sleeve: H+M, Jeans: Acne, Crystal Necklace: Nouvelle Nouvelle, Shoes: ALDO

What I Saw

Make sure you keep this just between Shoe and I.