Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I got cat class and I got cat style

Recently I've been noticing some personal behaviours that don't seem to really appeal to others in my age group: I stay home, drinking tea from floral china teacups and reading classic novels, I have an affinity for pink and cardigans, and I can't seem to fight off my impending need for a rocking chair. Most troublingly, I've begun to speak to my cats. A lot. In front of other people. Is this normal?

Although I may be shunned by society and my peers, the fashion world reaffirms that being a crazy cat lady (hem, me) is really quite glamorous. From Paul and Joe's cat lipstick, to Siri Tollerod's gorgeous cat lady editorial with Vogue Italia in 2008, feline friends are all over fashion. In Spring 2010, Miu Miu featured cat prints alongside pin up girls and sparrows, in what would instantly become my favorite runway collections of all time. Another favorite brand, Sretsis, has models shrunk to doll size and accessorized with fluffy cats in their Autumn 2010 lookbook. In one case, the dolls are even being attacked by a giant grey kitty (scroll down if confused by this description). In short, cats are all over the catwalks, legitimizing my crazy behaviours... even if my generation does not. 

Haven't had enough?  Me neither. Here's what to shop for to REALLY cement your position as a true crazy cat lady.

Everything available online at Topshop, except Miu Miu Spring 2010 platforms and clutch

Cat ladies of the world, I salute you.
Between Shoe and I

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

LG Fashion Week Round 4

GLASS Magazine

I'm very happy to announce I've been hired as the managing editor at a brand new independent Canadian publication. The first issue of GLASS magazine will be 120 pages, consisting mostly of creative beauty and fashion editorials, with a small chunk of written pieces at the front. The printer is at this very moment working away to get our 4000 copies ready for store shelves; GLASS will be available in just under a month and will be distributed nationally. A list of places to find it will be available soon: until then, keep your eyes peeled!

We had our launch party on the fourth night of fashion week at the Roosevelt Room: here's what I wore.

knit tank and pleated silk skirt: H+M, necklace: Nouvelle Nouvelle, shoes: Sam Edelman, 
turban: vintage, bag: Alexander Wang

Backstage at Sarah Stevenson

My last day at fashion week was spent chasing down models and steaming scarves for Sarah Stevenson, a lovely up-and-coming local designer. The collection was fantastic, and the experience was even better.

Using silks and heavy black wools, Sarah created a cohesive, wearable collection that had me swooning. The patterns, which Sarah designs herself, ranged from colourful acid-washes to gorgeous florals,  which were actually falling leaves when inspected closely. A collaboration with Eliza Kozurno, a gothic jewelry designer, added a sharper edge to the looks. The result was a collection fit for fairies.

Here's what I saw:

 Oh yah, keep this between Shoe and I?

Monday, April 4, 2011

LG Fashion Week Round 3

Another sporadic lineup of fashion week photos and reviews. In two weeks I swear my posting will be more regular; as of now I'm officially in "end of term survival mode", so things will remain a bit patchy till mid-April.

 Pink Tartan

Already having waited almost an hour for the very late Pink Tartan show to open it's doors, guests were told to stand at the back; there were simply not enough seats for the excited crowd. When the lights finally dimmed and the thrall's whispers died out, the room was overflowing with energy.

The collection was pretty, classic, and wearable, as Pink Tartan always is. The designer paired military caps and round brass buttons with full skirts and knee high boots. Although military for Fall isn't the freshest of ideas, Pink Tartan pulled together an appealing hybrid of dressy and casual, mixing heavy knits with light cottons, elbow grazing leather gloves with utility-style belts. The colour palette was primarily dark and heavy, using primarily black and army green (obviously), with a few classic camo prints here and there.  Pops of colour were shown in deep plum feathered skirts and pocketed dresses.  Accessory highlights included leather backpacks and ridiculously chunky knit scarves.

Joe Fresh

The busyness that started at Pink Tartan multiplied by the time the doors opened to Joe Fresh. Anyone who didn't rush the door, invitation or not, wasn't given a seat. Although I was lucky enough to nab a seat, my line of vision to the runway was horrible: again, sorry for the not-good pictures. I also had the luck of being seated behind THE ONLY MAN IN THE ENTIRE ROOM WEARING A BASEBALL HAT; who does that?

Moving on then!

Joe Fresh has made a name for itself as one of Canada's most watched lines, despite the fact that it sells in Loblaws grocery stores. Always bright and cheerful, Joe Fresh is the little-sister brand of the more sophisticated Pink Tartan (Fun fact: the designers also happen to be married).

This season, Joe went with tangerines, azure and ocean blues, mustard yellow, and forest greens. Paired with the ever-so-trendy camel, it was all very city-citrus and fun, but didn't scream fall. The silhouettes were girlish and classic, with short bell skirts and a multitude of mid-length wool coats, which were often belted at the waist. Turtlenecks also made an appearance, as did metallic, sheer and wide-leg (chord?) pants. Accessories were limited to long, colourful necklaces and a few briefcase-like handbags, and hair and makeup was plain jane circa 1970. The obvious must have for me was the mustard yellow landscape sweater; so very prairie-chic.  

Help Me Please

Somewhere between shows I actually wanted to see, I got wrangled into attending the "Korhani Home Rug Runway Show". This was literally a collection made of rugs, with pictures of rug patterns being projected onto the giant screen behind and tacky, deafening music to top it off. I wanted to escape. Low points include full length spandex unitards (in rug prints) and body painted men in thongs. THIS is why LGFW has so much trouble being taken seriously. 

Please note the girl far right wearing a hooded rug poncho; I couldn't help but chuckle and think of this:


A behind the scenes look at LGFW is coming later this week! Don't change that channel!

Between Shoe and I