Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I got cat class and I got cat style

Recently I've been noticing some personal behaviours that don't seem to really appeal to others in my age group: I stay home, drinking tea from floral china teacups and reading classic novels, I have an affinity for pink and cardigans, and I can't seem to fight off my impending need for a rocking chair. Most troublingly, I've begun to speak to my cats. A lot. In front of other people. Is this normal?

Although I may be shunned by society and my peers, the fashion world reaffirms that being a crazy cat lady (hem, me) is really quite glamorous. From Paul and Joe's cat lipstick, to Siri Tollerod's gorgeous cat lady editorial with Vogue Italia in 2008, feline friends are all over fashion. In Spring 2010, Miu Miu featured cat prints alongside pin up girls and sparrows, in what would instantly become my favorite runway collections of all time. Another favorite brand, Sretsis, has models shrunk to doll size and accessorized with fluffy cats in their Autumn 2010 lookbook. In one case, the dolls are even being attacked by a giant grey kitty (scroll down if confused by this description). In short, cats are all over the catwalks, legitimizing my crazy behaviours... even if my generation does not. 

Haven't had enough?  Me neither. Here's what to shop for to REALLY cement your position as a true crazy cat lady.

Everything available online at Topshop, except Miu Miu Spring 2010 platforms and clutch

Cat ladies of the world, I salute you.
Between Shoe and I

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