Saturday, February 26, 2011

We Lived Beneath the Waves In Our Yellow Submarine

Okay, so if you haven't caught on yet, I'm one of those tea/cat/vegan-baking loving lesbians.  I have a specific area in my one-room apartment devoted only to tea and accessories (tea pots, flavored honey, etc.) and it is getting so full I may have to sacrifice my bed to create more tea-space.  

You get it.  The girl loves her some tea.  Moving on.

My love of all things tea-related is a foolproof tip off for those buying me gifts on holiday occasions, and as a result I've ended up with a multitude of different tea-strainers in varying shapes and sizes; one is even shaped like a tiny silver teapot.  Nothing however, comes close to touching this little beauty:


If this little guy was to dive into my cup filled with tea goodness, I can't imagine keeping a smile off of my face.  It's just so stupidly cute. TEA pours out the little windows (!!!!!).  I must have one. What's the quickest approaching holiday?

I'll use it to make green tea on St. Patrick's day...?

Shoe and I

Friday, February 25, 2011

A Part of the Main

In an attempt to be quirky, I chose to write about the Toronto Islands during winter (my theme being "The loneliest neighborhood in Toronto")  as my final piece for my feature writing class. I figured I'd pop over to the islands once, talk to some lonely Island folk, and be ready to go.

 I got a whole lot more than I bargained for.

Boarding the ice-breaker ferry with every layer in my closet piled onto my body, I started to realize this trip meant more to me than just research for school.  The islands provided the silence I'd been craving for the last few months; a place free from rushing, stress, and the blare of car horns. I wandered aimlessly, snapping photos and striking up conversations with the people who lived there.

 The overall theme from my findings was that although city dwellers might forget about the islands when the sun disappears and the cold comes in, the islands in winter are more peaceful than desolate, more welcoming than lonely.  The Toronto Islands are in fact a year-round sanctuary.

 Here's a bit of what I saw there.

Tips for survival on winter island trips:

*Hot chocolate at the Rectory Cafe (the only restaurant that stays open year-round) is absolutely necessary for a complete experience.

*BUNDLE UP.  No matter how cold you may think it is downtown, the Islands WILL be colder.

*Make sure your shoes are waterproof; off trail adventures can lead to very wet socks.

*If you're starting to feel really lonely during your stay, the animals at Far Enough Farm are left out all winter, and would be more than happy to keep you company.

Between Shoe and I

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Window Shopping

One of the many advantages of dating a photographer is the access to rare and expensive cameras a lowly journalism student like myself usually would never get the chance to even touch. On this particular February morning I decided to commandeer one such heavy-fancy camera and walk to work at WORN (a two hour walk no less) snapping photos of my favorite places along the way.  If you'd like to picture you're actually taking the journey with me, imagine the crunch of snow under your feet, the smell of garbage and/or baked goods (depending on the particular spot) and a bone chilling temperature of about -15. Basically, a walk anywhere in Toronto... but prettier than usual?

In order of appearance: Me very underdressed for winter, the alleyway to my humble abode, Good Egg cookbook shop, Neat... name is self explanatory, Tealish: my favorite tea shop, Nadege Patisserie (yes the third photo is of a MINI MACARON CAKE called the Marie Antoinette!),  The White Squirrel coffee shop, my breakfast (with a side of Lula), series of photos from Trinity Bellwoods park, The Knit Cafe (offers knitting classes in conjunction with  high tea!), Poutini's (the best vegan poutine... well... the only vegan poutine in town; take notice of the "om nom" sign), and finally, The Drake Hotel's General Store, which is always choc-a-bloc full of nifty little finds and kitschy things like submarine tea strainers.  

I'd like to make it clear that this is only a small fraction of my favorite spots in Toronto, which is probably why I never have any money, walk everywhere, and am always eating. There's just TOO much goodness in big cities. Except I wish Toronto had an ocean... and meadows with wild horses.

As Tigger would say, TTFN.
Between Shoe and I.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Shout it From the Rooftops

I'm going to let you in on a big secret; I constantly have my mind on the amazingness of love.  As sappy and unoriginal as it may be, I am in complete awe of the pain, compassion, joy and turmoil love can create, to the extent that any love-concerned film, song, or poorly acted T.V. show scene (think the death of Marissa Cooper in The O.C.) can and will bring tears to my eyes.  It's pathetic, I know.

In the spirit of all this sappiness I've compiled some lovey-dovey photos I took over the last month (coincidentally February, month of the ever-so-commercial valentine's day).  Whether you're so in love you're dressed for the wrong season, a lonely heart listening to Death Cab's "Someday You Will Be Loved" on repeat, or simply satisfied to be in love with your latest pair of louboutins, this is for you.

Lonely swan in the icy lake. Poor guy.

Thanks for the love Holts, I'm sure this gave
fashionable lesbians everywhere hope.

Some lovely valentines treatsies at the Drake.
High tea I made for my beloved on V-day

Another lovely Holts window encouraging
Torontonians to "pucker up!"

I didn't take this one but it was too
adorable to leave out!
Photo via: fuckyeahdykes

Love potions at the local tea shop

Holts showing their gay-boy love

I miss you more.

Me and my beautiful fiance/mastermind behind
most of my photos, Erika Neilly

Stay tuned for more photo adventures coming your way... pinky promise they won't all be this mushy.
xox, Between Shoe and I

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Here It's Here!

I awoke with start this morning. Giddy, like a kid at Christmas (or rather, myself every year at Christmas) I had only one thing on my mind: RODARTE FALL 2011!!!

As usual, Kate and Laura didn't disappoint.

Clearly influenced by the American Plains, the Fall 2011 collection is more accessible than the work shown in past seasons.  Despite the slightly more commercial nature of the looks however, knitting and quilting details were reportedly all done by hand, reaffirming my belief that the Mulleavy sisters are truly dedicated to the art of fashion. Muted beiges, creams and pastels were complimented by the model's tousled long hair and minimal makeup, creating a dreamy display of prairie-chic.  Overall, This collection induced an overwhelming desire to get lost in a wheat field in the middle of nowhere, never to be seen or heard from again.

My favorite elements (if I must choose) were the full apron skirts, chunky cropped knits and of course, the high collars; my latest obsession is dainty collars and Rodarte crafted some near-perfect ones!

Keep making beautiful things Mulleavy sisters, and I shall continue to swoon, sigh, and admire.

Between Shoe and I

Photos via

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hopelessly Devoted to Rodarte

The Rodarte sisters hold a very special, warmth-filled spot in my heart. Their designs are both innovative and classically beautiful, original and yet familiar; they are perfection.

 Not only do they continue to amaze me with each new collection, but their designs for Black Swan and their recent collaboration with Opening Ceremony keep me begging for more year-round.

As I (im)patiently await the Fall 2011 collection, I stumbled across this 70's inspired video featuring Elle Fanning, Rodarte's current muse.  Directed by Todd Cole, this short film reminded me of how gorgeous the Spring collection really was, and I've suddenly become completely overwhelmed with anticipation for what's coming up next. EVERYTHING. IS. SO. BEAUTIFUL!

Help me contain my excitement?
xoxo, just between shoe and i

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Garden of Erdem

Although I was in awe of many of the collections shown this Spring, none of them encapsulated the season quite like Erdem.

Held in a garden square in central London, the photos from the show ooze Spring perfection.

Ballet was huge source of inspiration for the designer, Erdem Moralioglu, who spent the past summer surrounded by a collection of ballet costumes at the Victoria & Albert Museum.  One look at his airy, floral garments, and I found myself holding back a series of shameful attempts at pirouettes and arabesques.

 Amongst all the white, sheer, and lace, brilliant pops of geometric patterns and bright reds added a colorful edge to the subdued looks.  The ballet shoe-inspired footwear by Nicholas Kirkwood was the perfect finishing touch to the dainty looks, complete with lace and patterned ribbon winding up the model's pale legs.

I want nothing more than to snatch one of these delightful dresses out of my computer screen and pack a wicker-basket full of vegan sandwiches for a picnic on a gingham blanket in some lush meadow...

I'm getting a little carried away.

Please don't remind me it's January and I live in Toronto?

-Between Shoe and I

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