Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hopelessly Devoted to Rodarte

The Rodarte sisters hold a very special, warmth-filled spot in my heart. Their designs are both innovative and classically beautiful, original and yet familiar; they are perfection.

 Not only do they continue to amaze me with each new collection, but their designs for Black Swan and their recent collaboration with Opening Ceremony keep me begging for more year-round.

As I (im)patiently await the Fall 2011 collection, I stumbled across this 70's inspired video featuring Elle Fanning, Rodarte's current muse.  Directed by Todd Cole, this short film reminded me of how gorgeous the Spring collection really was, and I've suddenly become completely overwhelmed with anticipation for what's coming up next. EVERYTHING. IS. SO. BEAUTIFUL!

Help me contain my excitement?
xoxo, just between shoe and i

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  1. I love that short movie with elle fanning, so beautiful!