Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's Here It's Here!

I awoke with start this morning. Giddy, like a kid at Christmas (or rather, myself every year at Christmas) I had only one thing on my mind: RODARTE FALL 2011!!!

As usual, Kate and Laura didn't disappoint.

Clearly influenced by the American Plains, the Fall 2011 collection is more accessible than the work shown in past seasons.  Despite the slightly more commercial nature of the looks however, knitting and quilting details were reportedly all done by hand, reaffirming my belief that the Mulleavy sisters are truly dedicated to the art of fashion. Muted beiges, creams and pastels were complimented by the model's tousled long hair and minimal makeup, creating a dreamy display of prairie-chic.  Overall, This collection induced an overwhelming desire to get lost in a wheat field in the middle of nowhere, never to be seen or heard from again.

My favorite elements (if I must choose) were the full apron skirts, chunky cropped knits and of course, the high collars; my latest obsession is dainty collars and Rodarte crafted some near-perfect ones!

Keep making beautiful things Mulleavy sisters, and I shall continue to swoon, sigh, and admire.

Between Shoe and I

Photos via Style.com