Thursday, February 24, 2011

Window Shopping

One of the many advantages of dating a photographer is the access to rare and expensive cameras a lowly journalism student like myself usually would never get the chance to even touch. On this particular February morning I decided to commandeer one such heavy-fancy camera and walk to work at WORN (a two hour walk no less) snapping photos of my favorite places along the way.  If you'd like to picture you're actually taking the journey with me, imagine the crunch of snow under your feet, the smell of garbage and/or baked goods (depending on the particular spot) and a bone chilling temperature of about -15. Basically, a walk anywhere in Toronto... but prettier than usual?

In order of appearance: Me very underdressed for winter, the alleyway to my humble abode, Good Egg cookbook shop, Neat... name is self explanatory, Tealish: my favorite tea shop, Nadege Patisserie (yes the third photo is of a MINI MACARON CAKE called the Marie Antoinette!),  The White Squirrel coffee shop, my breakfast (with a side of Lula), series of photos from Trinity Bellwoods park, The Knit Cafe (offers knitting classes in conjunction with  high tea!), Poutini's (the best vegan poutine... well... the only vegan poutine in town; take notice of the "om nom" sign), and finally, The Drake Hotel's General Store, which is always choc-a-bloc full of nifty little finds and kitschy things like submarine tea strainers.  

I'd like to make it clear that this is only a small fraction of my favorite spots in Toronto, which is probably why I never have any money, walk everywhere, and am always eating. There's just TOO much goodness in big cities. Except I wish Toronto had an ocean... and meadows with wild horses.

As Tigger would say, TTFN.
Between Shoe and I.


  1. There are days I miss Toronto very much! The cute shops, places to eat...that city is always changing.

  2. mmm I love nadege!
    Lovely post Alyssa x.x.x

  3. Lovely pictures, some of the snow shots are really pretty :) I love the cakes how yummy do they look? mmmm lol X

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  5. did you really walk all that way !? girl, that is some stamina.

  6. It was a REALLY long walk, but I stopped into shops along the way and got breakfast... in the end it was actually really lovely. Thanks for all the lovin guys :)