Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Veritable Feast of Vintage

Vintage is without a doubt, the hardest shopping one can do.  Finding the perfect piece in good condition  that actually fits can be frustrating, especially if your store options are limited (as I often find they are in Toronto and Vancouver).

As I peered into the windows of Montreal vintage shops however, I felt my frustration dissolve into excitement. 

There was so much loveliness! I felt like I was living in a dream!

We stayed around the Mile End, an area home to a mismatched combination of hipsters and hasidic jews. The result of these two communities is an overwhelming number of kosher shops alongside cafes with live music and vintage boutiques. Erika, Chad and I spent an entire day sifting through piles of colourful garments all over town, and although I was exhausted by the end of it, I had a fantastic time and found some amazing pieces.  Montreal, I miss you already.

Do you feel like you were there with me?

Shoe and I


  1. Yes! I wish I could find those stores in Portugal :(

  2. Yes, well... since I'm in one of the pic.

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  4. i beg to differ. there are some fabulous hidden gems in toronto! let's go shopping :)