Friday, January 14, 2011

Why Hello There!

I figure it's only polite for me to introduce myself to you.  I'm a writer living in dreary downtown Toronto who really should've started a blog eons ago but due to my grandma-like mindset I tend to avoid technology as much as possible.

  I'm originally from Vancouver, although sometimes I like to pretend I'm actually from some mystical forest where unicorns roam free and I could speak to squirrels.

 I like pretty things, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  Pretty things include but are certainly NOT limited to: french macaron, 3 tiered candy trays, bizarre and/or beautiful fashion, almost anything sparkly, cupcakes, floral, shoes (duh), studs, kitchen utensils shaped like hearts (I have a collection), frilly socks, cruiser bikes, tea and teacups AND teapots, perfumes, small fluffy animals... and big fluffy animals for that matter, patterned tights, red lipstick, YOU GET THE POINT.  I like lovely little joy-giving, gasp-inspiring, shopaholic-tempting things.

My blog intends to be a sort of fashion/food/art/generally cutesy things oriented, but I make no promises that the subject matter won't stray here or there; being the whimsical type I tend to be easily distracted.

I'm rambling. Terribly sorry. It was so delightful to meet you and I hope you'll come around again!

Oh, and please keep this just between shoe and I!


  1. I am looking forward to your future blog posts.

  2. i lovee this picturee
    have a look at my blog sometimee and follow me if you like! :D